Annike Laigo is a design studio by Annike Laigo.

Driven by desire for rug design, she has created unique rugs since 2000. Her focus is on design, always on the search to find fresh aspects in this ancient medium be it colour, material or the secrets of making. Throughout the years, since her graduation project with wavy 3-dimensional 3D Stripe (2000),  followed by glow-in-the-dark carpet concept Glowworm (2006), to specially dyed Float series for the smoothest gradient ever (2013), to Above the Shifting Skies series focusing the effect of depth in the strictly 2 dimensional rug (2018), the journey continues. Every now and then, Annike looks out to other disciplines. Curiosity leads to new exciting fields and has produced our bestsellers Pebble seating (2003), Black Ink prints (2015), Naked Clay ceramics series (2016), Visible Invisible plant hanging system (2017). We are looking forward to the newest, a woven fabric collection to be launched in 2021.

The studio has a wide collection of rugs in the catalogue, few samples are shown here. Mostly, we work with private orders and/or together with interior architects on bespoke orders.


We search for the best and collaborate with producers from Portugal, Holland, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Estonia to ensure the products and the processes are done by the best possible way.


Extending our collections to no limit almost all our products are customisable. There is possible to change the colour, material, size and shape. We gladly welcome design requests and are always looking forward to work with you and your projects.